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Organic Liquid Soaps

Luxury body soaps made entirely from certified organic extra virgin olive oil.

While we support local olive oil growers most of our olive oil purchased since 2014 has come from Palestine in support of the farmers in occupied Palestine.  This oil is FLO-fairtrade certified organic extra virgin olive oil.

Genuine castile soaps (made entirely from olive oil) are exceptionally mild and gentle on the skin. Excellent cleansing is achieved without drying, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Read  labels carefully.

Almost all commercial pump 'liquid soaps' are not true soaps at all but synthetic detergents such as laurel or laureth sulphates. Synthetic detergents are often drying and irritating to the skin and made simply because they are cheaper to produce. Many people find that when they use these synthetic detergents they need moisturizers to combat the dryness. These synthetic products also typically contain a wide array of synthetic additives. Many are added to ease the irritation and dryness the synthetic detergents produce.  Synthetic detergents also contain a wide range of preservatives. As people become more aware of the possible harmful effects of synthetic chemicals, including allergic reactions and damage to the skin, they are moving to more natural cleansers.

Be aware that a number of companies making so called 'olive oil' soaps are nothing more than synthetic detergents, or soaps made with cheaper oils, with a bit of olive oil added. Our liquid soaps are made entirely from certified organic extra virgin olive oil.  No other oils, or additives of any kind, are used.

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